A broke moms favorite word is free

I live in a really small town, and I am able to take advantage of alot of free activities for my kids and I to do. I wanted to share some of them so that if you weren’t aware, maybe you could check out some places local to you and take advantage as well.

First is The Ontario Early Years Center. This place is really great, they even have an emergency baby needs depot if you are in need of diapers, formula. Thankfully, I have never needed to use that but what a wonderful resource. They also have daily “Stay & Plays” where you and your kids can come and… play. Our local OEYC has rooms upon rooms full of toys, books, puzzles.. even an arts and crafts room! At 10:30 each day they have “circle time” followed by snack time. Circle Time is filled with songs and stories. OEYC also has activities you can register for (all free) like baby sing language, breastfeeding support classes and so many more. Its also a great resource for parents who have questions on anything from breastfeeding, sleeping and starting solids. Be sure to check out their website for more information.

Next up is the library, not only do they ahve free movies and books but ours has a Storytime every week, with a story, a snack, a quick movie (Usually “Ruby & Max”) and a craft. My oldest (2.5) is still kind of young (The library is so exciting for him, he just wants to explore) but we have been a couple times on rainy days and it has bee fun. Our library also has a jam packed summer. They have crafts (Usually for a small fee of $5, but storytime crafts are free) and weekly movies (This weeks was Frozen) Again, my kids are young and can’t quite take advantage but I look forward to it one day!

Parks- Most towns these days are stepping up their game in the park department. Many towns now have splash pads! (Sadly, ours doesn’t but I am hoping one day!)


Local Activities- In the summer our town is filled with fun, outdoor activities at the town docks and main streets… Festivals and music, face painting and games.Be sure to check out your towns website as well as facebook pages.


Is there any activities in your town you love to take part in and ARE FREE? Please share in the comments!!! 



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